Better late than never… ‘Black Friday’ seems to have come to an end – at least for numerous poker players residing in the US.

Unlike Pokerstars, who took a stand and paid out segregated funds to poker players from the US very soon, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker had been ‘silent’ for many years – up until a months ago.

Earlier in 2017, according to an announcement, the (former) customers of Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker from the US that had their money at the cashiers of the – now defunct – UB and AP online poker room, would finally get it back.

The first payments were made by the Garden City Group earlier this week. Approximately 7,400 people, all customers of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, received nearly $33 million.

Some of these players shared the good news on Reddit:

You can check the Garden City Group AP/UB Claims Administration Website  for more updates and announcements on that matter.

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